Network / Connectivity

networkConnecting your Business

With Interactive Gateway internet connectivity, you’ll receive a direct connection to the most trusted Tier 1 Internet carriers in the world at Wholesale pricing.  Your business will no longer need to worry about the performance, reliability and responsiveness of your internet provider because Interactive Gateway offers the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry. With its sister company Access Digital Networks we have your business covered.

We will collaborate with you to determine the most effective Internet solutions based on your business size and scope, your enterprise locations, and the type of data you transmit. Our networking experts will help implement a total solution and support that solution with proactive monitoring and management capabilities, 24×7.

LAN & WAN Design

LAN (local area network) & WAN (wide area network) Design and Maintenance is becoming increasingly important in all corporate networks. With the increase in viruses and malicious code becoming increasingly prevalent each day, networks must be secure and protected from large public networks such as the Internet.

Interactive Gateway can tailor networks to suit your requirements. With Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) becoming more popular and essentially allowing users to obtain remote (secure and encrypted) access back into the office network, the advantages are endless!

We understand each business has varying requirements in terms of their LAN/WAN. If you require some minor modifications or a complete overhaul, please contact us now for an obligation free consultation by one of our highly skilled network operations staff.