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Cloud Hosting is a virtualised environment that takes advantage of technology to help reduce business IT infrastructure costs.  Cloud Hosting is comprised of many servers, working as a pool. That’s the basic nature of cloud hosting: multiple servers. Cloud hosting is a technological framework rather than a defined physical object. A network then delivers data from the cloud to users on the web.

Cloud hosting allows many different servers to function as one unit for storage and processing. The data and files for your site are distributed throughout hard disks that are integrated and organised for optimised efficiency, reliability, and speed (i.e. low latency). A cluster of servers, managed through a cloud hosting platform, draws on the operating power of many machines. If you use a strong cloud hosting provider (CHP) such as Interactive Gateway, your infrastructure scales as needed: there are no limits.

Use our state of the art infrastructure

Interactive Gateway provides a full line of Cloud Hosting solutions that give you flexibility and control, backed by over a decades of experience in connectivity, advanced computing, hosting and web technologies. We can give you the best Cloud Hosting Solutions available on the market more efficiently. Instead of managing applications on legacy servers, you can power your IT infrastructure with a leveraged pool of shared but dedicated resources. Our engineers are certified in recognised application and server virtualisation technologies and have the knowledge and experience to help your organisation choose the best virtualisation solutions and then implement them with minimal interruption of services.