About iGateway

Interactive Gateway Australia Pty. Ltd. (iGateway) is an Australian based Information Technology & Communication (IT&C) company. We focus on providing the highest quality enterprise grade solutions to our clients. iGateway’s head office is located in Adelaide, South Australia, with an office located in Melbourne, Victoria and Townsville Queensland. iGateway is proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated.


Mission Statement

“To be a professional and innovative leader in IT&C products, services and engineering solutions throughout Australia enabling and enhancing the way clients take advantage of the potential of technology in their business”.


The organisation was formed in 1998 and has grown substantially from a small Adelaide based operation to a widely successful company with a client base that extends globally. iGateway has developed strong partnerships with many well-known and highly regarded IT&C vendors to bring our customers the highest quality solutions for their business.


Vision Statement

“To be a leader and premier provider of IT&C solutions in Australia”.


Our organisation is comprised of well-trained technical, administrative and managerial staff who have an in depth understanding of the IT&C industry. It is our vision to provide only the best quality and most professional service to our clients as we believe that the finest compliment we could receive is that of a referral from our existing clients. iGateway was built solely on the uptake of referrals from our satisfied clients.